Progress Youth

About Us

What is Progress Youth?

Progress Youth is a service launched by Progress School of Motoring in 2019 which aims to bring the authentic qualified driving lesson experience to teenagers aged 14+. Why? Because we are strong believers in giving the next generation of drivers the best start to their driving life, encouraging the increase in awareness to road safety, and also learning to drive for fun - and not for necessity. If you have any questions or queries regarding what we provide, and how we're special - feel free to get in touch here.

Who is it for?

This is an incredibly important question. Progress Youth is for everyone! Whether you are 14 years of age or 84 years of age - Progress Youth specialises in providing offroad, legal, safe & qualified driving lessons & refresher sessions for those who have either never driven before, wouldn't mind a brush-up on the highway code, or haven't driven in a long time and have lost all confidence. Come and join Progress Youth for intimate, private one-on-one driving sessions in a secluded, safe environment.
*We say, everyone, it's not actually recommended for dogs though 

Why is it so good?

There are some very good reasons why Progress Youth is an incredible service offered by the fully qualified Progress School of Motoring team. For those who have never driven before, but always wondered what it was like to drive a real car - Progress Youth offers the complete safety and assurance of having a dual-control vehicle and certified driving instructor for complete peace of mind. The whole team are incredibly friendly and approachable too, so you'll not only have fun - but feel ultra comfortable as well!
If you've driven before, either not in a long time or would just like to brush up on your road safety and manoeuvring, Progress Youth is perfect for you. Get in touch with us here, and we'll book you right in.