Progress Youth - Launch Event - July 20th 2019

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Progress Youth is the new school of motoring for teenagers aged 14 years and above, who are interested in driving a real car, with a qualified driving instructor. Progress Youth offers both fun-filled single sessions, to training courses & refresher sessions for those already with a driving license.

Progress Youth also specialises in private, off-road driving experiences for older adults, whether you have a driving license or not. The reason for this could be that you need to increase your confidence behind the wheel, after an accident or a long time of not driving.

Progress Youth has partnered with land-owners across North Wales for the use of off-road driving.

We pride ourselves in the quality and approachability of our whole team, along with our professional dual-control cars. Our fully qualified, DVSA-approved driving instructors give you the ultra driving lesson experience, no matter your age or background.

How do I get involved?

We're still putting in a lot of work in the background to make Progress Youth as beneficial as possible to all our customers, however in the meantime, we're very happy to announce our next Progress Youth launch event; giving you the opportunity to experience driving a car for only £5.

We would love it if you could join us at Prestatyn Market, on the 20th July 2019 from 11am until 3pm. No matter whether you're 14, 44 or 84, you can experience driving a real car, on private land, with the safety of a dual-control car and fully qualified driving instructor. We will be giving everyone attending an unbelievably special offer too. For only £5 a drive, there will be no appointment required and you are guaranteed a drive if you arrive before 3pm.

At our charity launch event of Progress Youth on the 20th July 2019, our experienced & qualified fleet of instructors will also be offering advice and guidance on road safety tips, theory-practice advice and general questions regarding the path to getting your full driving license as soon as possible.

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Questions or comments?

If you have any feedback, suggestions or enquiries regarding the launch of Progress Youth or the launch event on 20th July 2019, click here.