Refresher Courses

with 1-on-1 guidance for experienced drivers



We are here to provide a friendly, qualified and experienced service. We understand how common it is for people to feel abandoned after losing access to a regular, dedicated driver - and if it does become time to dust off your own driving license after a certain period of time, we'll happily help you practice driving safely, securely and confidentially. On private land, with a qualified driving instructor, with a certified dual-control car for your own safety and reassurance.



Don't be fooled by the name. Progress Youth is a fantastic resource for young teenagers looking at experiencing driving a car for the first time; however, we're also a popular service for those looking for personal, private and qualified driving tuition - whether you're 24, 44, 64 or 84.



Whether you've never driven before or want to improve on your existing driving experience, we want you leaving your session with Progress fulfilled in confidence of good road safety, vehicle control and the highway code.



If you are beyond retirement age and would like to rediscover your on-road confidence; we appreciate how difficult that can be for someone who hasn't driven in a while. We also believe it's far safer to trust the judgement of a professional; therefore we're incredibly proud to support pensioners with special offers & discounts in order to help them rediscover their independence.
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