14+ Teenager

Driving Experiences



We are a highly experienced team of driving instructors, built on the solid foundations of Progress School of Motoring - Progress Youth provides you with the confidence of one of North Wales' largest independent driving schools.



We believe in supporting people of all backgrounds and skills. Whether you are simply looking for an enjoyable, memorable and safe first-time experience driving a real car, or are looking at becoming a more seasoned driver who would like to get their driving license as quickly as possible when you reach 17; we can provide you with a range of course lengths, from 1-6 hours, between 1 week and 6 months.

A gift that keeps on


Progress Youth are proud to offer fantastic opportunities for teenagers aged 14+ to experience driving a real car, and get a head start learning road safety & the highway code. Did you know? Gift cards are available too - get in touch with us here to enquire. 



Through our own extensive research, we've found that teenagers who have had access to drive a vehicle before they start pushing full-steam ahead towards a full driving license; provide more reasoning, confidence, and attitude to road safety during the learning experience after their time with Progress Youth. This means, time with Progress Youth isn't just great fun, it also makes our next generation of drivers safer too.